Making comics universally accessibleMaking comics universally accessibleMaking comics universally accessible
Making comics universally accessibleMaking comics universally accessible

Making comics universally accessible

We help comics publishers and creators reach more readers globally while making amazing content available to readers, no matter where they are.

Our Products

INKR Comics

INKR Comics

INKR Comics is an immersive comic app that takes readers through an engaging journey, from discovering and consuming comics, to expressing their appreciation for the creators.
INKR Localize

INKR Localize

A 100% cloud-based solution that uses A.I. technology and built-in smart project management tools to help make quality comic localization easier and faster.
about us
about usabout us

Why We Built INKR

If you haven’t already noticed: we love comics.

Comics can transport us to entire new worlds, teach us enduring values, and nurture our imagination. It’s an amazing medium for learning, entertainment, and inspiration — and we believe that everyone should be able to discover and read comics.

But in reality, not everyone can enjoy comics easily and officially — especially international readers outside the US and Japan.

So we want to change that.

We envision a world where anyone can access amazing titles and creators can take their comics global no matter where they are — and we have been working hard to make it a reality, step by step.

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INKR Global HQ
10 Anson Road
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Singapore 079903

Phone: +65 3129 0515
NAB Studio
INKR Development Center
105 Ton Dat Tien Street
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District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone: +84 285 4141 454