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Simple & powerful tools that run on any browser

With our cloud-based set of tools, all you need is an internet browser. No need to adopt third-party tools for each individual task or file sharing.

Simultaneous on-page translation & typesetting

Editors see their work reflected right on the page. Any edits or changes take effect immediately on the final layout, so there is no reason to discard everything and start from scratch.

All manual & error-prone processes are automated

Instead of one person manually transcribing the texts in a spreadsheet, our tools automatically recognize & transcribe the original text into editable textboxes ready for translation. We even give suggested translations through our AI-powered Comics Translation Engine that gets better & smarter over time.
Translators, editors, and proofreaders can focus on what they do best without distraction of other mundane tasks. This will tremendously speed up the entire process of localizing a comic.

Eliminate overhead related to physical in-house team operation

It’s no longer required to set up and maintain an expensive in-house localization team yourself. INKR Localize ensures high-quality translation with:

Access to comic translators worldwide

To produce quality comics localization, the translators must possess not just the language skills, but also the understanding for the type of comics they work on. With access to thousands of passionate billigual comics translators worldwide, we will find the right people for your comics.

Cloud-based tools catered for end-to-end processes

Everything - from comics translation, typesetting, to proofreading and project management - can be done effectively & securely through a web browser with our fully encrypted cloud-based software.

Easily collaborate with your team

Seamless workflow. Zero learning curve.

Effortless collaboration in a single workspace

No need to jump from one tool to another for different tasks. Translators, typesetters and proofreaders can easily participate in reviewing each other's work, picking up the work where they need to in the same workspace.

Get the localization team started in no time

Our Files Prep app ensures that your files will be losslessly converted and be ready for localization within hours. A pre-made project workflow ensures that once the files are input, the translators can immediately get to work.

Ensure localization quality

Continuous feedback loop

We offer constant previews where the clients can access the localized comics as they are being worked on. Feedback and comments are delivered immediately to the translators, proofreaders and typesetters so changes can be made much earlier.

Evolving comics glossaries

Comic glossaries are constantly updated and will auto-suggest suitable words to ensure the consistency of word selection and KNPs in a project, as well as improve the translation quality as more chapters of the comics are being worked on.

Easy to manage changes

No more manually going back to each individual localized project to fix mistakes — the Mass Edit tool lets the team quickly make changes to all applicable translation and typesetting locations at any time.

Customized project settings and delivery to suit any comic

The right translators for the right project

We select the most suitable translators for every comic based on its format, genre and language. Translators who are also fans and readers of a specific genre are matched with the title to ensure the best translation and understanding of the original content.

Translate into multiple languages simulatenously

For every title, you can choose to localize in multiple languages at the same time, without increasing time-to-market.

Final exports are tailored to your requirements

Export in either fully typeset and translated comic pages, or just the extraction of the translated text in any file format for both print and digital distribution.
Fair & affordable pricing
Quality comics localization doesn’t have to cost an arm.
For each localization project, we will thoroughly analyze the content (genres, formats, word complexity, etc.) and your requirements (language, deadlines, exports, etc.) to understand what you need and provide you with the best quotation.
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