Paid Leave Omega
Manga • BL
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BL (Boys' Love)
Adult Women
"It looks like you and I are bonded now." (Am I in hell...?)
Suzuya is a lazy salaryman who just wants to get time off from work. When a new coworker, Furuike, suddenly shows up and starts making advances, Suzuya's peaceful existence is turned upside down! Faced with this aggressive attack, Suzuya's only defense is to play coy. "Giving my heart and body to a perverted alpha... I really could kill him."Suzuya, an omega, works at a company which gives paid leave to omegas in heat. Until now, he's been able to get seven straight days off every month by pretending that the pill doesn't work for him. Seven days of drinking beer and playing video games from dawn to dusk... heaven on earth. Then a new alpha coworker named Furuike shows up unannounced outside his door...! If word gets out that he's not actually in heat, Suzuya is sure to get fired! His only choice is to keep up the act of being in heat. So begins the master performance of an omega who will do anything to avoid going to work.
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