Robust tools, quality assurance, workflow management, and more

Translation automation

AI-powered solutions built specifically for comics translation that automate all manual and error-prone processes.
Automatic text transcription

Automatic text transcription

Our ComicVision automatically detects and transcribes all texts and characters in the comic pages, eliminating the need for a dedicated transcriber. Built upon Google Vision, we customized our system for comics, supporting Japanese, Chinese, Korean and more.
Machine translation that gets better with time

Machine translation that gets better with time

Our system provides auto-translation as suggestions or references for the translators as they work. Built on top of Google Translate and customized specifically for comics translation, our system learns continuously to deliver better results over time.
Automatic typesetting with bubble detection

Automatic typesetting with bubble detection

By automatically detecting speech bubbles in the comic pages and fitting the translated text perfectly inside them, we remove the need for typesetting for simple dialogs, enabling typesetters to focus on other advanced typography tasks such as sound effects.
Sentence autocomplete

Sentence autocomplete

Our system predicts what you want to type and automatically completes your sentence. Less time typing means more time translating.Coming soon

Translation quality assurance

Speed does not have to compromise quality. Our smart solutions ensure a high quality final result for your translations.
Built-in spelling and grammar checking

Built-in spelling and grammar checking

We intelligently detect and autocorrect all spelling and grammar mistakes.Coming soon

Evolving glossaries to ensure consistency

Glossaries define and describe each term in the project, reduce ambiguity, and improve overall translation quality. Use our pre-built glossaries or create your own custom ones for each project.Coming soon

Translator profile and scorecard

Get to know your translators – view their expertise and previous work. Every translator is constantly evaluated and scored based on their performance.Coming soon

Make changes in bulk

Have second thoughts about specific terms later in the process? Daunted by the thought of going back and redoing it all over again? You can make changes to all instances of a word using our Search and Replace feature. Never have to compromise on consistency again.Coming soon

Advanced in-browser typesetting

Our auto-typesetting feature has already eliminated the need for most typesetting tasks. For more advanced typography needs, you can make use of our innovative in-browser text editor.
Typeset directly in the web browser

Typeset directly in the web browser

Without installing any additional tools or fonts, typesetting happens directly in the browser with our robust online text editor. Gain control over font size, text color, line spacing, and much more.

Text effects and presets

Set your sound effects apart with Text Effects. Add shadows, borders, textures and 3D effects to your texts or use our built-in presets to get the sound effect you desire.

Bring work over to Photoshop and back

One-click to switch back and forth between your dedicated graphic design tool and our in-browser text editor. Draw/design your texts in Photoshop and import them into the editor instantly.Coming soon

Extensive file handling

When it comes to files and formats, everyone has their own preferences and practices, making the file transfering process especially difficult and tedious. Our technology significantly reduces file prep time and supports an extensive amount of file formats.
Works with any file formats and extensions

Works with any file formats and extensions

From JPG, PNG, PDF, TIF, PDF, EPUB, PSD, to INDESIGN, with support for more added periodically.

Prep and upload files in bulk

Each project has its own file organization structure and naming conventions. With our Smart Filtering, Sorting and Renaming features, all your files are automatically processed and uploaded with priority speed.

Security and encryption

Built-in end-to-end encryption safeguards confidential documents from unauthorized access and guarantees that only you and the people you allow have access to them.

Built-in collaboration

Good collaboration is the key to the quality of any localization project. With our built-in collaboration tools, everyone can get involved from start to finish.
Read and comment directly on page

Read and comment directly on page

You can come in and take a look as soon as a chapter’s first draft is finished. Make comments by dropping a pin directly on the page. Mention people so they don’t miss your feedback.

Assign different roles and level of access

Manage access levels for members within a team or project. Edit roles such as manager, translator, typesetter, proofreader, and more.

Integrate with 3rd-party productivity tools

Connect with Jira, Trello, Slack (and many others) to suit your project management preferences.

Workflow management

Manage productive and efficient projects with our localization workflow management features.
Create & chain tasks to reduce waiting time

Create & chain tasks to reduce waiting time

Assign and manage tasks for team members. Chain them together so that once a task is finished, the next one starts right away. Reduce waiting time between tasks for a productive and efficient workflow.

Version control

Work on new versions of your content with confidence while keeping all previous versions. Review changes and compare different versions with each other.

Keep track of progress

Never be out of the loop – track completion status, words to be translated, unresolved comments, unpublished changes, and more.

Real-time project statistics

Stay on top of your current team performance. View number of words translated, team members on a project, completion percentage, estimated completion date, and more.Coming soon
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